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Improving Your Outdoor Lighting Solution for Your Long Beach Rental

Dustin Edwards • Jun 14, 2022

Outdoor Lighting Is An Attractive Offer For Potential Renters

Outdoor lighting is necessary to promote a safe and enjoyable ambiance for your tenants. It’s not uncommon for landlords to disregard ample lighting on their Long Beach rental. The best lighting for rental properties can be a safety feature to deter unwanted intruders and trespassers while preventing accidents like falling or tripping. Likewise, lighting can be implemented in ways that can be enjoyable for tenants too.


Listed below are some solutions to improve your Long Beach rental lighting.

Landscaping Lights for Your Rental

There are many options to consider with landscaping lights. For the most part, landscaping lights are lights used to accent features in the yard of your Long Beach rental property. There are many ways to go about highlighting key elements of landscaping such as:

  • Spotlights aimed up to highlight a tree 
  • Spotlights pointing down from an elevated position down to display a beautiful garden.
  • Accent lights on river rocks where a fountain outpours

And beyond these ideas If you want to keep the natural look of your yard, hidden spot lights are also available. Incorporating lighting can even include spotlights whose housing has the appearance of rocks.

String Lights

Hanging string lights from the main house to the garage or gazebo can bring a warm atmosphere to any yard. Hanging lights around the perimeter of a backyard on a fence is a great way to illuminate the whole yard while being out of the way. If there is a tree in the yard, a string light can also be wrapped around the trunk or strung on the branches over a table to give a candle-lit feel to any meal. The soft illumination can contribute to great outdoor experiences like relaxing after work or evening gatherings. 

String lights can be purchased at most home improvement stores. Some come with their solar panel making installation DIY(do it yourself) friendly. However, others may require the assistance of a handyman or an electrician. 

Security Lighting

Keeping tenants and your Long Beach rental property safe should be a high priority for most landlords. Security lighting should be the brightest in backyards and should illuminate enough areas to scare off destructive animals or potential intruders. Many modern security lights have multiple forms of turning on built into the fixture. 

We recommend hiring a quality electrician who can program the lights to your needs for installing security lights. As previously stated, many security light fixtures come with many options such as:

  • Dusk to Dawn - Which turns off during the day and on during the evening.
  • Motion Detector -  This turns on when movement is detected within the sensor’s range.
  • Timer -  This can turn on or off based on your personal preferences.

Security lights should be installed in front of garages or exterior siding where the lights can illuminate the most amount of your Long Beach rental.

Pathway Lights

Lighting pathways to and from your rental adds curb appeal and can help protect your tenants from slipping and injuring themselves. Path lights come in many options to suit nearly any home. However, they all serve the same purpose of illuminating where one is walking. This can be done in several ways with options for hardwired, which may require a handyman or electrician, or fixtures with mounted or remote solar panels if you don't want to add load to your electrical system.


If you want to add to the aesthetic of your rental fixtures that are visible next to the pathway, a good example is Shepherd Hook Path lights by Hampton Bay. If you prefer the lights to be more discrete, perhaps their Silver Integrated LED Path Lights are a better option.


There are many more ways to expand your Long Beach rental’s outdoor lighting. If you need more information about outdoor lighting or need help installing outdoor lights, we invite you to call us at (562) 888-0247 or feel free to fill out our free rental analysis to see what your rental could yield today.

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