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Is a Cool Roof Right for My Long Beach Rental Property?

Dustin Edwards • May 14, 2022

Cool Roofs Have Benefits For You and Your Tenants

With summer right around the corner, it is best to consider installing a cool roof. A “cool roof” refers to geoengineering designed to reflect more sunlight than a conventional tiled or shingled roof. This causes the cool roof to absorb less heat by reflecting energy and heat from the sun. These roofs are most beneficial in warmer climates, making Long Beach an ideal location to install cool roofs.


What benefits does a cool roof bring to my Long Beach rental? Today we want to discuss how a cool roof can benefit you and your tenants.

Reduce Energy Consumption

When we say reduce energy consumption, we mean it in a few ways. Your tenant will see a lower electric bill in the hot seasons as they will not need to have the air conditioning on constantly. Keeping a tenant happy and comfortable is one of the best ways to have long-term tenants. Long-term tenants, in turn, produce a steady flow of income. A lower electric bill for your tenants is a great benefit; however, reducing energy consumption goes further than that. 


An additional benefit to lower power consumption is minor wear and tear on the air conditioning unit. Meaning you should expect the AC unit to last longer before maintenance or replace it due to heavy usage during the summer heat. Cool roofs can also help undersized AC units provide enough cooling when the heat rises.

Attract Tenants

By reducing the amount of heat transferred from the roof into the home, you can expect temperatures to be lower. Comfortable temperatures in the house are attractive to potential tenants. Long Beach can be very humid during the summer months making mold easy to grow. Low temperatures in the home can reduce mold growth, which can impact your tenant's health.


Many young adults looking for homes to rent are very conscious about lowering their energy usage. We have seen electrical grid failures and “flex alerts” to reduce power usage during past summers. A cool roof can ease tenants' worries about their power consumption during these times. 

Evaluating your Roof

Keep cool roofs in mind while doing routine inspections of your Long Beach rental property’s roof. Before investing in a cool roof, it is essential to evaluate your current roof. Although, in the long term, a cool roof can be an intelligent investment, replacing your existing roof before it is needed may not be ideal.


Once you have decided to invest in a cool roof, understand that prices may vary compared to a conventional roof. The reason being is that there are plenty of options to choose from for cool roofs. Single-Ply Membranes is a rolled sheet of material installed on the roof's plywood. They are attached via chemical adhesives and fasteners. These are mainly designed for homes with a low-sloped roof. Cool Shingles are more akin to a traditional roof. The main difference being the cool roof shingles are made with reflective materials. Shingles are the most common roofing material used in the country. Cool shingles should be considered an upgrade when repairing or replacing your old roof. If you want to keep a traditional tiled aesthetic, consider using cool tiles. New tiles are manufactured to reflect more heat than before and should last years without losing value.


If you have further questions about the benefits of cool roofs or need help deciding what material to use, call us at (562) 888-0247 or fill out our free rental analysis to see what your rental could yield today.

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