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Should I Install Solar on My Long Beach Rental?

Dustin Edwards • Jun 28, 2022

Solar Panels Can Be A Great Asset To Your Property

Many times when you think about solar power, you think about how it can lower the electric bill for your tenants. But how is solar supposed to help a landlord increase earnings from their Long Beach rental property

In Long Beach the average cost of installing solar is $13,500 for a 5 kilowatts solar panel system. The initial cost may seem high, so remember to research and investigate diligently prior to investing in such a project. Keep in mind that most of the cost can be offset to the tenant’s rent; which can be justified if your tenant’s electricity is included in the arrangement. It is important to communicate with your tenant about any price differences during the lease agreement so they understand why their rent may be higher. 

Below we are going to go over how not only is solar an excellent choice to keep long term tenants happy.  But how solar on your Long Beach rental property can benefit you as a landlord.

Reduce Electric Bills

For your tenant, reducing the electric bill is clearly the first thing to come to mind when considering the benefits of solar. Many tenants will like the idea of not having to pay for an electric bill even though there may be a higher rent cost associated with a property, with solar power installed. You can promote your rental as “electric utility included” as a perk of your rental while increasing the rent and attracting a wider market. 

An investment in batteries will likely be needed to be completely independent of an electric bill as solar panel systems are only generating power during the day. An additional perk is if you live onsite, solar can reduce or eliminate your electric bill all together. 

Reduce your Rental’s Carbon Footprint

Though not directly benefiting your income, reducing your carbon footprint and helping California reduce its dependence on fossil fuels is incredibly attractive to young tenants who are more conscious about environmental issues. Many tenants now are requesting for landlords to install solar for this reason. Having a solar array can attract tenants and will increase the value of your Long Beach rental property over time. By getting ahead of the curve, you can attract    many younger tenants who are looking to better the environment for future generations.

Attract More Tenants

Listing your rental with a solar power system installed as a perk can attract tenants now more than ever. Aside from the financial benefits, solar power decreases the dependence on fossil fuels for energy.  Many new Tenants who are looking for environmentally friendly homes to rent. Solar power systems also attract tenants who are looking for rentals with updated technologies, such as a smart home system or an electric vehicle (EV) charger. With the greater adoption of EVs, a dedicated charging outlet can attract tenants with EVs as well. 

Whereas before solar panels were seen as a distraction from the look of homes, considered eyesores by some. Beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder, and solar panels have begun to look appealing and futuristic to young adults.

Increasing the Value of the Property

An excellent advantage of solar panels is the increased property value. Increased rent, while finding better tenants who are looking for an energy efficient feature like a solar power system. The increased rent can help you with financially recovering from the upfront cost of installation.

California has some of the sunniest weather in America, making solar power a viable power source for the majority of the year. If in the future you consider selling the property, the solar system can increase the price of the property, and buyers may be more attracted as well.

If you have any questions on the benefits of solar, or how to get solar installed on your Long Beach rental property, we invite you to call us at (562) 888-0247 or feel free to fill out our
free rental analysis to see what your rental could yield today.

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