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Should I Replace the Windows on My Rental Property?

Dustin Edwards • May 13, 2022

Replacing Your Windows Can Save You and Your Tenants Money

Replacing windows should not be held up until one breaks. New, more efficient and useful windows are being used for a variety of reasons such as increasing market value, increasing curb appeal and reducing power consumption for your tenants. If your goal is to keep long term tenants, keeping them happy and comfortable is a must. 

Below we will address why changing your windows can benefit not only your tenant, but yourself as a landlord as well.

Reducing Energy Consumption

If you are looking to replace old worn out windows, or building a new addition to your current rental, double pane windows offer many benefits. Double pane windows will usually have a small gap of space between two glass panels. This gap is filled with gas for added insulation making double pane windows more expensive than traditional single pane windows.

At first glance you may see this as a bonus only for your tenants. However keeping your tenant’s electricity bill low can absolutely give your tenants a reason to be happy. This transforms tenants into long term tenants. An additional benefit to you however, is by having a more efficient way of maintaining temperatures your tenants put less wear on your air conditioning or heating units. Meaning they will have more longevity and need less maintenance.


Most windows are designed to last between 15 and 20 years. Before you begin thinking about replacing them, consider weatherproofing. Most windows break before that time due to a stray ball or bad weather. Windows in poor condition can allow water to enter the property walls which can lead to water damage. It can rot wood within the walls, weakening the structure. It can stain or destroy drywall. And it can lead to an outbreak of mold and mildew which can cause severe health problems to your tenants.

If you are unsure of the age of your windows, it is recommended that at the very least inspect the windows on your rental property for any sort of damage or leaks. If there is any, replacing the windows at this point is suggested. As a proactive measure you should consider having exterior windows inspected once or twice a year, remember that prevention is cheaper than repairs.

Value of New Windows

The cost of new windows varies depending on the material of the window, usually wood or vinyl. As an example 10 vinyl windows can cost between $7,000 and $10,000 while 10 wood windows range from $8,200 and $12,300. This is a decent capital expense but the improvement to the rental property’s efficiency and curb appeal cannot be understated. With a wide variety of designs and styles replacing your windows can give your house a visually appealing look while modernizing the home. Installing energy efficient equipment like double pane windows can qualify for tax credit. While improving your Long Beach rental property.

Additionally double pane windows not only insulate temperature, they can also insulate from outdoor sounds. Noise from traffic, construction or neighbors can make it into your rental. Double pane windows add a thicker barrier between your tenants and the city sounds.

Replacing your windows is a great option for new landlords whether you are remodeling or building new additions to the rental. Double pane windows are especially great in the southern Californian summers when the heat gets intense. 

If you have more questions about why you should replace your windows, or need help finding the right ones feel free to call us at (562) 888-0247 or feel free to fill out our
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